This site is dedicated to collecting and sharing organizations, resources, training, and research on science communication, outreach, and public engagement. You can also learn about our upcoming trainings that bring a synthesized, interactive version of these resources to your community.

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Effective science communication is critical to improving the relationship between science and society. To serve the needs of a world increasingly shaped by science and technology, The People’s Science team is launching a digital platform (currently in beta) that will streamline access to new evidence and centralize scientists’ outreach efforts.

To celebrate the launch of the new and improved site - and to train researchers on getting the most out of science communication tools - we are bringing practical educational resources and community building to six research communities across the West Coast.

Our free workshops focus on humanizing researchers, storytelling, and best practices from the science of science communication. Materials are designed to foster applied skills and to support researchers in their public-facing roles. We are collaborating with leading organizations - including ComSciCon and NPR’s Friends of Joe’s Big Ideas (FOJBIs) - to facilitate a coalition of informed, empowered, and motivated researchers prepared to share their science with everyone.


Each event is organized by a dedicated local team and local partners and sponsors. These talented and committed individuals are the heart of the tour.

Additionally, our work would not be possible without the support of our partners, and the incredible work of ComSciCon representative/researcher/science communicator, Dr. Rose Hendricks (@RoHendricks). The People's Science initiative is a project of Covi Education. You can learn more about the full Covi team here.

Communicating Science is a workshop series organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on science communication skills. 

Communicating Science is a workshop series organized by graduate students, for graduate students, focused on science communication skills. 

Friends of Joe's Big Idea, (pronounced foe-JOE-bee) is a community of young scientists that includes undergrads, graduate students, post docs and faculty interested in improving their science communication skills. 

Friends of Joe's Big Idea, (pronounced foe-JOE-bee) is a community of young scientists that includes undergrads, graduate students, post docs and faculty interested in improving their science communication skills. 


Our four part event has something for everyone. Every attendee will leave with practical skills, ongoing resources, opportunities to engage with a supportive community, and a real world contribution to the public. Our approach emphasizes interactive exercises, food, and drinks to make the experience as engaging and social as it is critical to the future of science and society.

Each tour is tailored to the local community and includes - at minimum - the following elements:


For local organizers and members of the community interested in taking their commitment to the next level, we provide intensive training and and an introduction to The People's Science and Partner resources.

Attendees are prepared to serve as in-person coaches at the Write-a-Thon and invited to join an elite community of Ambassadors through The People's Science platform so that they can stay involved well beyond the workshop.

To register for an Ambassador & Coach Training, please contact your local organizing team for eligibility requirements.


Our science communication workshop is highly interactive and based on years of research from related fields. Attendees are introduced to easy-to-implement best practices for public-facing communications, mindsets for overcoming the deficit model to create bidirectional access points, and strategies for integrating outreach efforts into their existing workflow.

Workshops are open to everyone. Check your local city page for registration details.


Attendees are asked to bring a 500 word summary of one of their research studies. Immediately following our workshops, we lead a facilitated Write-a-Thon. Trained coaches are present to guide researchers and provide feedback on their pieces as they immediately integrate what they've learned.

All attendees are invited to share their piece on The People's Science website and connected to additional outreach opportunities through our partners.


For researchers to do their part in the science communication cycle, we provide access to free, centralized support and training through our website and partner organizations. Prior to leaving the workshop, all attendees are introduced to a range of opportunities so that they can choose the pieces that best fit their science and workflows.


As an evidence-driven organization, The People's Science collaborates with researchers who study the science of science communication to evaluate our programs and further the field. All registered attendees are asked to complete a series of surveys that help our research team better understand the challenges of contemporary scientist engagement and effective strategies for facilitating engagement. 

Select researchers are also invited to take part in our experimental studies through which we evaluate the elements of communication and attitudes that are most conducive to public engagement with science.

Email us if you are a scientist interested in joining our research team as a collaborator or proposing a new study! 



Each city has an on-the-ground team of organizers who will make sure the event serves their local needs. Interested in bringing a Share Your Science Event to your city? Check out the tour list to join an existing local team, or start a new team in your city. You will be provided with all of the tools you need to make the event a success - and the opportunity to be part of a growing network of science communication leaders, organizers, and advocates.


In an effort to minimize redundancy and build a coalition of leaders in the science communication space, The People's Science is partnering with mission-aligned organizations. Qualifying partners can work with our team on content, marketing, resource development, and/or fundraising, depending on their interests and goals. We incorporate partner initiatives into our workshops and materials to make sure that our attendees have access to a wide range of outreach, training, and support - and to make sure that our partners have a broader reach.


Our organizing teams work hard to ensure that every event is a memorable experience. We believe in the power of in-person community building, coaching, and skill reinforcement to change culture for the better and empower scientists to serve their communities. To bring these opportunities to researchers, we work with sponsors and funders who share our vision of a future where we've bridged the gulf between science and society. Sponsors can choose to support a local tour, the full tour, or the tour and the new The People's Science site, launching in Spring 2018. We provide an opportunity for proactive, philanthropic companies, individuals, and grant agencies to support a collaborative community of change agents working on one of the most critical issues of our time.

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